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To register for APMP-Young Metrologist community


Welcome to APMP Young Metrologist Community (APMP-YM)


We are gathering APMP Young Metrologists (APMP-YM) to share research and visionary ideas for new opportunities and future challenges in metrology, and letting our voices heard for the question of "What do young metrologists think metrology will be like in 2050+?'. Your engagement will complement the APMP and CIPM Strategy 2030+. 


APMP-YM activities start from now until June 2024 : sharing research and visionary ideas, engaging with the special questionnaire created by BIPM  and meeting with YM and experts from another RMOs:  AFRIMETS, COOMET, EURAMET, GULFMET and SIM in the Young Metrologist ‘s 2050+ vison virtual workshops organized by BIPM.


To register for APMP-YM community just fill this simple google form: https://forms.gle/AidbjphLLXXm2RF99 

And If you need any further assistance, please Contact your RMO-YM Coordinators: 

Dr. Oijai Ongrai  (NIMT, Thailand): oijai@nimt.or.th  

Dr. Yin Hsien Fung (MSL-IRL, New Zealand): yinhsien.fung@measurement.govt.nz

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