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ATF 2015 Workshop - Beijing

Meeting documents

ATF 2015 group photograph 40 GHz Microwave Frequency Measurement Using Down-Convert Technique at TL A Low-Noise 1542nm Laser Stabilized to an Optical Cavity A Survivability Scheme against Link and Equipment failures of the Telephone Speaking Clock Accurate frequency comparison of clocks considering the effect of the distributed dead-time Advanced Time & Frequency Transfer - Applications of Opitcal Clocks and Frequency Combs - Feng-Lei Hong Complete uncertainty evaluation of the Cesium fountain primary Frequency standard NPLI-CsF1 Development of Comparison System of Several Atomic Clocks for COntribution og UTC Developmet of frequency measurement system of optical clocks without a flywheel oscillator Evaluation of hte Strontium Optical Lattice Clock at NIM Improving the Video Totalized Method of Stopwatch Calibration Long-term properties evaliations of Frequency remote calibration system using GPS Poster - Status of Time and Frequency at NIM Progress Report on 171Yb Optical Lattice Clock of KRISS Radio frequency Transfer on a 112Km Urban Optical Fibers Report of TL\'s Proficiency Test on Frequency Calibration in 2015 Sharing of Cesium Tube Replacement Stability Improvement for remote Frequency Measurements on TWSTFT applications by Utilizing L-Band Scheme Status report of Time and Frequency research Activities at NIS Test Operation of an NICT NTP Server in Indonesia The low-cost Dual Mizer Time Differences system for calibrating a high stability frequency source Time and Frequency activites at the Vietnam Metrology Institute Trial for upgrading of Japan Standards TIme

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