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APLAC T095 Determination of cadmium and calcium in drinking water

Project overseer
Government Laboratory, Hong Kong, China & National Metrology Institute of Japan
Project timeline
Sample dispatch: In October 2014 / Results submission deadline: In February 2015
Project status

Project description

The determination of trace elements in drinking water is a routine measurement by regulatory authorities and analytical laboratories. There is no single approach that is universally applicable as the nature and regulations for drinking water standards may vary among countries and regions. 

This programme targeted on the analysis of calcium and cadmium in a tap water sample. The proficiency test sample was prepared with reference to the maximum acceptable limit for cadmium i.e. 0.003 mg/L as listed in the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality. The level of calcium in the proficiency test sample was similar to that of natural fresh water. 

The APLAC T095 was concurrently conducted in parallel with the key comparison CCQM-K124 “Trace Elements in Drinking Water” using the same test material. The key comparison reference values (KCRV) obtained from CCQM-K124 were used as the assigned values for evaluating the performance of participants in the APLAC T095. The standard deviation for proficiency assessment was derived from the Horwitz Equation.


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