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APLAC T107-Elements (zinc, manganese, calcium & magnesium) in food supplement

Project overseer
Government Laboratory, Hong Kong, China
Project timeline
Sample dispatch: In December 2016 / Results submission deadline: In March 2017
Project status

Project description

CODEX Alimentarius establishes the guidelines that apply to vitamin and mineral food supplements intended for use in supplementing the daily diet with vitamins and/or minerals. Mineral food supplements are commercially available and marketed in forms of tablets, capsules, powders, solutions, etc. In cases where the intake from the diet is insufficient or where consumers consider their diet requires supplementation, mineral food supplements are often consumed to supplement the daily diet. The amounts of the minerals should be properly declared in the labelling of the products. The use of reliable methods for measurement of minerals is important in safeguarding the quality of these products and the public health.

The APLAC T107 was concurrently conducted in parallel with the supplementary comparison APMP.QM-S10 “Elements in Food Supplement” using the same test material. It was stipulated in the Instructions for Participants for the PT programme that the SCRVs obtained from APMP.QM-S10 would be used as the assigned values for evaluating the performance of participants in the APLAC T107. The standard deviation for proficiency assessment would be derived from the Horwitz Equation.


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