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APAC T112-Non-polar analytes in high carbohydrate food matrix: trans-zearalenone in maize powder

Project overseer
National Institute of Metrology, China
Project timeline
Sample dispatch: In August 2021 / Results submission deadline: In September 2021
Project status

Project description

Zearalenone (ZEN) is a fungal mycotoxin produced by Fusarium spp. and presents in several types of food, especially maize and wheat. It is a non-steroid estrogenic compound that may cause changes in reproductive organs, fertility loss and toxic effects. ZEN analysis matters globally for health and food safety, especially for those with high production or consumption of corn grains and wheat. The worldwide regulatory limits of ZEN in maize and its products are from 20 μg/kg to 400 μg/kg. APAC PT T112 aims to demonstrate participating laboratories’ measurement capability for trans-ZEN in maize powder, thus enhancing the measurement infrastructure in the Asia-Pacific region and facilitating trade under the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) framework.

APAC T112 was organised in parallel with the CCQM Track A Key Comparison CCQM-K168 “Non-polar analytes in high carbohydrate food matrix: trans-ZEN in maize powder” using the same test material. The key comparison reference value (KCRV) obtained from CCQM-K168 was used as the assigned value for evaluating the participants’ performance in APAC T112 and the standard deviation for proficiency assessment would be derived from the Horwitz Equation. By taking the KCRV of CCQM-K168 as the assigned value, the metrological traceability of the PT was ensured. Also, the PT provides the opportunity for the laboratories to compare their results against an SI-traceable value.


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