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Strengthening of Measurement Capabilities for Toxic Inorganic Elements to Support Fish & Shrimp Food Industry


Strengthening of Measurement Capabilities for Toxic Inorganic Elements to Support Fish & Shrimp Food Industry (FSFG_01_FGI2020)

While most people enjoy seafood, it contributes to one of the largest sources of toxic elements in our diet. Therefore, it is pivotal for metrology institutes to be equipped with measurement capabilities for toxic elements and arsenic species in fish and fish products. By highlighting the importance of accurate measurements of toxic elements and metrological traceability, member institutes of the Food Safety Focus Group(FSFG) worked together to reach out to different key stakeholders.


The FSFG_01_FGI2020 project was a collaborative series of activities that include: Virtual symposium entitled “Horizon scanning on the presence of inorganic elements in seafood and their measurements” on 31 May 2021, Online-training workshop on analysis of inorganic elements, total arsenic and arsenic species in seafood as well as evaluation of measurement uncertainty dated on 1-4 June 2021, Post-training activity on “Toxic inorganic elements in seafood” completed in February 2022, and Virtual symposium entitled “Metrological traceability in food measurements” was 13 July 2022.

Virtual symposium 

The project leveraged on the existing capabilities of established metrology institutes to better equip emerging institutes with relevant measurement capabilities prior to the supplementary comparison for toxic elements in seafood (APMP.QM-S19). Moreover, the workshop and symposium have raised awareness amongst the key stakeholders on the importance of accurate and traceable measurements through the use of certified reference materials(CRMs) and participation in accuracy-based proficiency testing(PT) programmes.

Samples, certified reference materials and isotope spikes provided to the participants as part of the post-training activity

This is to provide correct contact information related to the article posted in the Newsletter Issue 47 - page 22.



Ms Haslina Abdul Kadir (National Metrology Institute of Malaysia), 

Dr Shima Hashim (Department of Chemistry, Malaysia), 

Dr Wai-Hong Fung (Government Laboratory, Hong Kong, China) and

Dr Fransiska Dewi (Health Sciences Authority)



Dr. Sutthinun Taebunpakul (APMP Project Overseer, FSFG_01_FGI2020), 

National Institute of Metrology, Thailand (NIMT),

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