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Seminar on Metrology and Quality Control of Medical Imaging Devices



Taking the chance of the 39th APMP General Assembly, MMFG held a Seminar on Metrology and Quality Control of Medical Imaging Devices in Shenzhen, China on November 28th, 2023. 25 participants (7 from online) from 13 NMI/DI participated in this seminar. Leading NMIs, manufacturers and hospitals were invited to share their valuable knowledge and experience in the field of medical imaging. Dr. Matthew Hall (NPL) attended in person and shared NPL’s research on quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging (qMRI) and its standardization in Europe. Dr. Kathryn Keenan (NIST) and Prof. Dr. Tobias Schaffter (PTB) attended online and shared their research on traceable measurement on qMRI and quantitative measurement in medicine respectively. Experts from NIM, KRISS, INER and hospitals also gave talks on the metrology and quality control of medical imaging devices.


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Medical imaging devices are widely used in clinical and more than 50% of clinical diagnosis is made based on medical images. Based on the latest survey on medical metrology among APMP members, capacity building on medical imaging devices has become a new prioritized topic. Since 2021, NPL launched a project to realize the potential of quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging (qMRI) in collaboration with partners from across Europe. As the leader of NPL’s MRI team and this project, Dr. Hall’s research is expected to contribute to future regional and international standardization for qMRI. NPL’s knowledge and future cooperation with APMP members is expected to contribute to technological development among APMP members and promote the standardization in this field. The seminar bridged MMFG and European NMIs and kicked off the research collaboration on medical imaging among APMP members.


Contributor: Dr Xiang Ding - Project Overseer

NIM, China

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