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Unpacking the APMP Strategic Plan 2024-2026


A Closer Look with Dr. Hyun-Min Park


The Asia Pacific Metrology Programme (APMP) stands at a pivotal moment, ready to embrace the future with our latest roadmap: the Strategic Plan 2024-2026. At a recent online review meeting, Dr Hyun-Min Park, our Chair, took us behind the scenes of the making of this important document, offering insights into the shared passion and thoughtfulness of APMP members that drive our direction.


Dr. Park began with a simple but powerful reminder, "This strategic plan is our collective commitment to a brighter future." Reflecting the diverse needs of our community, the plan sets out six clear objectives, from harnessing the lessons of the pandemic to strengthening our collaborative initiatives and expanding our global reach.

A highlight was Dr. Park's introduction of a ‘strategic snapshot’, an idea inspired by Dr. Keith Jones. More than just a visual aid, the strategic snapshot captures the essence of our mission and makes our shared vision easy for everyone to understand.

APMP Strategic Plan at a Glance

Final-APMP Strategic Plan_pg11.jpg

Dr. Park went on to explore the real challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, such as integrating cutting-edge technologies and fostering deeper connections to accelerate post-pandemic recovery. "I believe the real vaccine lies in even closer collaboration because real progress comes from working together, sharing our experiences and resources," Dr. Park reflected, emphasizing the power of unity in overcoming obstacles.


The creation of the Strategic Plan was a collaborative effort from start to finish. A dedicated task force, including leaders and experts from across the APMP, brought diverse perspectives to the table and refined the plan to ensure that it truly represents our collective aspirations.


Dr. Park's closing remarks underscored the sense of shared purpose and excitement for what lies ahead, "This plan is more than just a document. It is a reflection of our shared commitment to make a meaningful impact."


For a deeper dive into our roadmap for the next three years and to be part of this journey, you're invited to explore the APMP Strategic Plan 2024-2026. Let’s walk this path together and create a future where metrology brings new opportunities to our region.

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