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APMP successfully held the virtual 36th General Assembly and Related Activities in 2021


APMP successfully held the virtual 36th General Assembly and Related Activities in 2021

The 37th APMP General Assembly (GA) and Related Activities in 2021 were held as a series of online meetings from 1 to 26 November 2021. This month-long meeting season is comprising of a record-setting 44 video conference sessions, including annual meetings of the Executive Committee (EC), the Technical Committee Chairs Forum (TCCF), the 12 Technical Committees (TCs), the Developing Economies' Committee (DEC) and the 5 Focus Groups (FGs), and has involved more than 230 participants from about 30 economies in total.

The APMP 2021 has witnessed new developments in a series of initiatives that reflected the work priorities of the year: regional collaboration in digital transformation, continued response to the COVID-19 pandemic, maintaining sustainability of projects at the time of COVID-19, etc.

GA.jpgSubset of GA participants

The most important theme of the year was digital transformation. Following the decision made by the EC at their Midyear Meeting in June 2021 to establish a new APMP Focus Group on Digital Transformation in Metrology (DXFG) and a series of preparatory work carried out in the second APMP Newsletter 02 half of the year, the new Focus Group was formally established at the 37th APMP General Assembly held on 26 November. It will serve as the central organ of APMP to coordinate and promote regional collaborations in digital transformation and to conduct the associated international liaison.

Elections took place virtually in a closed session in the GA. Two EC members, Dr. Jan Herrmann (NMIA, Australia) and Dr. Yon-Kyu Park (KRISS, Korea) completed their four year' s term as EC members. Dr. Hyun Min Park, President of KRISS, was elected as the next Chairperson of APMP for a term of three years commencing from GA 2022. Six TC Chairs started their first term at the GA. Three other TCs and the DEC have elected their new chairs whose term will start from the next GA.

At the GA, among the total 12 recipients of the annual awards, the 2021 APMP Award was presented to Dr. Thomas Liew, CIPM member and former Director of NMC, A*STAR, Singapore for his remarkable contributions to regional metrology activities.

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