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Comparison Measurement and Training Courses on the Ventilator Tester


Comparison Measurement and Training Courses on the Ventilator Tester

The COVID-19 can impair patients’lung function and lead to severe respiratory symptoms, to which ventilator is a crucial medical device used in hospital. The project titled “Comparison measurement and training courses on the ventilator tester”led by APMP Medical Metrology Focus Group (MMFG) is designed to build up developing economies’ measurement capability in ventilator tester within the region. With about 12 participating APMP member institutes, this project is composed of comparison measurement to verify existing methods for calibrating the ventilator tester, drafting of a guideline for calibration, and calibration training to APMP developing member institutes.


A subset of participants of MMFG meeting

In July 2021, NIMT (Thailand), NIM (China), MHESI (Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation, Thailand), MMFG and DEC held Webinar on the Technical Transfer of Medical Metrology for the Public Health Service System, which focused on ventilator and ventilator tester, diagnostic ultrasound machines and tympanometer and otoacoustic emissions equipment. It benefited 120 participants from 8 NMIs and 40 Thai domestic stakeholders in hospitals, manufacturers and universities, etc. The webinar exemplified how to support, influence and connect with stakeholders related to medical metrology.


Dr. Xiang Ding

MMFG Chair

Center for Medical Metrology, NIM

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