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Measurements to support energy management based on ISO 50001 family

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Thanakporn Nontachart
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Project description

To improve energy-related performance and energy efficiency measurement, the workshop “The Measurements to support Energy Management” (based on ISO 50001 family) was organized at APMP 2017, in India to enable NMIs and DEC in achieving the measurement guidance of continual improvement of energy performance, including energy efficiency, energy security, energy use and consumption which are:

  • Measurement for green building e.g. chiller efficiency, LED (life span) and building material characterization,

  • Measurement for energy supplies (electricity, oil and gas) e.g.  energy and power qualities, large pipeline flow meter, measurement of chemical composition in the oil and gas LNG/CNG.

  • Measurement for renewable energy and others e.g. efficiency and life span of solar panels.




The presentations covered by the technical workshop include; “Importance of metrology for improvement in energy efficiency in India” presented by Director of Bureau of Energy Efficiency, India.  In addition, the topics of New Initiatives at NMIA in support of the Energy sector, Current activities of NIMT for related energy measurements and Establishment of Primary Standard for Reference Solar Cell Calibration at NPLI are addressed.  In the workshop discussion session, the action plan and activities were developed between NMIs:  NMIA, NIMT, NPLI and NMC etc.

This project will increase the knowledge of regional and national needs and measurement capabilities in Energy Efficiency, information of relevant capabilities and research in APMP NMIs including EEFG action plan and future activities.

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