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Clean Water Focus Group Planning Workshop

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Dyah Styarini
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Clean water is essential to human life, protection of balance ecosystem and preserving safe environment for all living beings. Lack of access to clean water is a common problem among developing economies, that usually due to polluted and contaminated water resources contributing to serious health hazards and damaging the ecosystem and environment. The problem of clean water covers both its availability and the quality of the water itself.  

Valid data on water quality parameters are needed to ensure that correct measures are taken by decision makers in monitoring, controlling and reducing pollution and contamination of water resources. Water quality testing is essential to identify pollution problems, ensuring that water is suitable for intended use, ensuring that water is safe for consumption and also to evaluate the effectiveness of water treatment systems. NMI in developing economies can play a significant role in in helping governments solve problems related to the availability of clean water. APMP Focus Group (FG) on Metrology for Clean Water is aimed at improving capabilities of APMP members to enable them to play this role effectively. The FG conducted a survey and a workshop to identify needs with respect to Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) and traceability for clean water measurements. Based on the survey results, several activities have been initiated to improve capabilities and networking for NMIs, as well as a CRM database to share information on the availability of CRMs for clean water in the APMP region. 

Based on the results of the surveys, the workshop was conducted with the aims as follows:  

  1. To discuss and understand more on the requirement of clean water based on international standards as well as national/economy-specific problems and standards.  

  2. To review survey results and decide on priority topics for training, ILCs and proficiency testing schemes (PTs) to be conducted over the next 2-3 years.  

  3. To have understanding on the procedure and process of CMC submission (especially for clean water related parameters) through TQCM.


As a result of the Workshop, APMP’s Clean Water FG able to put in place a Work Plan driven by the identified needs of APMP’s developing members. Implementation of the Work Plan provided outcomes/impact as follow:  

  • Improved understanding and capabilities of member participants through training program,  

  • Demonstration of NMIs competence in these areas through ILCs and PTs to support CMC claims,  

  • Increase the confidence and trust of strategic stakeholders in engaging with NMIs in this specific field.


The key output of the workshop was a 2-3 years’ work plan for training, ILC and PTs in different areas of importance for metrology for clean water. Other output including improved understand of FG members on the international standard as well as national specific-problems related to clean water parameters.

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