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Joint research project on primary shock acceleration comparison with laser interferometry

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Project description

No international key comparisons in shock have ever been held either in CC level or TC level. But demands from industries and other sectors worldwide on the more accurate and reliable calibration of shock accelerometers are increasingly pressing, for instance, car crash test from automobile industry. While a few NMIs in APMP are establishing shock acceleration calibration facility, this project is planned to promote their activities. More objectively, NIM, KRISS, CMS-ITRI and NMIJ will participate this project to identify the current status of the shock acceleration calibration. The outcomes to be shared with other NMIs and industries to understand the reliability of the state of the art for shock acceleration measurements. The participating laboratories will also consider to organize future inter-comparison of shock acceleration calibration based on the outcomes from this project.


Main outcomes:

  • To share the outcomes with other than participating 4 NMIs, a workshop was held in conjunction with APMP-GA in Kobe Dec. 2011. There were more than 40 participants including from industries. They also had site visit at seismic testing facility near Kobe, Japan.

Seminar at workshop

Site visit at workshop

  • Pre comparison and some simulations of shock calibration systems at different laboratory/system were successfully finished by participating NMIs (CMS/ITRI and NIM).

Calibration system.jpg

Calibration system at NIM, CMS/ITRI, and NMIJ

The project was successfully finished. The participating NMIs evaluated their facilities for shock calibration system. Based on the outcomes, the participating NMIs piloted the fist CC level shock acceleration calibration inter comparison, CCAUV.V-K4 2016-2018.

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