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Applying Acoustics, Ultrasound and Vibration Metrology to Intelligent Machine for Industry 4.0

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Project description

Nowadays enterprises develop towards intelligent, precision and green energy actively for pursuing new product value. The industry 4.0 from automation to intelligent would be a critical field among all industry. The transducer sensing technology should be an important key for intelligent machine sensing and actuating properly. Technology of acoustics, ultrasound and vibration technique are largely applied in manufacture condition monitoring. However, due to lack of facilities, techniques, experience and expertise, this metrological service is not well established in Asia Pacific region. CMS/ITRI has accumulated certain experience on how to support the needs from machine tool industry by applying metrology into related fields, for example ultrasonic and acoustics measurement on spindle of machine tool. Therefore, we strongly initiate this project including interesting NMIs in APMP (such as KRISS, NMIJ, NIM, NMIA, NIMT, A*star, RCM-LIPI, NMIM, etc.) to disseminate and exchange their relevant technical knowledge and know-how about acoustics, ultrasound and vibration in machine tool industry.

Main outcomes:

This project aims at sharing technical know-how and valuable experiences of calibration service in this field and providing some Industrial technical guidance and training courses to participants from regional economy members. Furthermore, on-site technical visit to machine tool manufacturer and lab hands-on training of calibration are also arranged. This three days workshop hosted in Taiwan were surely benefit attendees in both metrological knowledge and practical skills in the field of acoustics, ultrasound and vibration for developing intelligent machine of Industry 4.0.


Totally 52 participants, among which 18 attendees from NMI of 7 countries: China, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan and Viet Nam, 12 Attendees from 6 Sponsors, they are JOIN-STAR Trading Co., Ltd, King Design Industrial, Samwell Testing Inc., Prowave Engineering Inc., INSTECH Instrument Co., Ltd., Chinese Metrology Society. Spectris Taiwan Limited, and 22 attendees from 18 organizations in Taiwan.


The three days workshop were connected by two keynotes, and five sessions and the two laboratory visits. For the technical sessions, seven topics were given from experts from four NMIs, and another 5 topics were from 5 researchers of companies, institute, and university.




Day 1

w Keynote   Speech

Applying Metrology   to Sustainable Quality Life Base on Industry 4.0

Sam Wu

Samwell Testing Inc

Applying High   Acceleration Stress Screening to Product of 6 Degree of Freedom

Kun-Ta Li

King Design Inc.

w Session I Acoustics , Ultrasound and Vibration Metrology for   Intelligent Machine of NMI

The development of high rotational speed metrology   for scientific and industrial needs.

Qiao Sun

NIM/ China

The application of   acoustics metrology for intelligent machine in CMS.

Tsung-Hsien TU


The study on the   calibration of reference sound sources and its industry application in NIM

Feng Niu


w Session   II Performance Measurement or Inspection of Machine Related to Acoustics,   Ultrasound and Vibration Technology

The chatter   measurement of machine tool by using ultrasound method

Kuang-I Chang


The vibration and   noise measurement standard for machine tool

Jiun-Kai Chen


Use of acoustic and   vibration signals for inspection and quality test of electric appliances

Hyu Sang Kwon


w Session   III    Sensing Monitoring and   Predicting Method for Industry 4.0 application

Prognosis monitoring   system methods and application cases

Hung-Tsai WU


Noise   and Vibration Techniques in Industry Application base on Industry 4.0

Bor-Tsuen Wang


A review of IOT and   Industry 4.0 in Japan vibration application

Hideaki NOZATO


Day 2

w Session   IV  The Measurement Case Study and   Instrument Metrology 

The case study for intelligent machine by   array microphones

Hseng-Huang Hsu

B&K Taiwan Co.,Ltd

The development history of sound level meter in Japan

Masaharu Ohya


Intelligent Machine Case Study by Using Vibration and Acoustics Sensor   Technology

Art Rich


w Session   V      Symposium on International Trend   of MetrologyMetrology   for Industrial Innovation

1. Digitalization from a Metrological Point of View

2. X-ray Based Metrology   for Nanostructure Characterization and Its Applications to Semiconductor   Industry

3. Measurement for Energy Efficiency

4. Measurements for Transport: Some Examples in Taiwan

5. Panel Discussion: NMIs’ Experience Sharing





Day 3

w  Session   V  Lab. Visiting

1. Vibration and Noise   Lab. in MRL

2. Vibration and   Acoustics Lab. in CMS

3. Gravity Lab.



Seminar at workshop

Site visit at workshop

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