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Research on the calibration of environmental radiation survey meters

Project overseer
Jinjie WU
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Project description

Ionizing radiation is widely used in industry, medicine, military, fundamental research etc., The public are extremely concerned about the safety of nuclear facility and radiation on the environment. It is very important to measure ionizing radiation in environmental level by survey meter. However, measurement results by different type survey meters are not in good agreement in low dose rate. NMIs or DIs in APMP TCRI are trying to solve the traceability of environmental radiation survey meter, especially in low dose rate.


(Main tasks and goals)

This project is to study the measurement of low dose rate X-rays and gamma rays and the calibration of one kind of survey meter type of 6150AD from 0.1 μSv/h to 100 μSv/h by a comparison study and to establish the degrees of equivalence in the APMP.

  1. Establish low air kerma rate series beam qualities based on tungsten target x-ray generator from 100 kV to 240 kV using aluminum, copper, lead and tin filter for all NMI/DI in this project.

  2. Establish low dose rate gamma ray facility in a lead box for some NMI or DI.

  3. Calibration the survey meters in X-ray, gamma-rays by NMI/DI in different dose rate. 

This project will involve most of the TCRI members. Participating NMIs include NIM, NMIJ, KRISS.


This project will help NMIs or DIs in the APMP TCRI to establish the capability of calibration of environmental radiation survey meters, which are wildly used in nuclear facilities to evaluate environmental dose for the public. This project is to support the application of nuclear technology in industry, medicine, agriculture by accurate measurements.

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