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Registration for the APMP 2022 is open NOW!


Dear APMP EC members, TC/DEC/FG/PTWG Chairs, Co-chairs and Chairs-elect,


Greetings from the APMP Secretariat!


On behalf of APMP Chair Mr. Fang Xiang, I’m pleased to send you the invitation to the 38th APMP General Assembly and Related Activities, held from 7 November to 2 December 2022 in a hybrid way, where some of you will be attending the meeting week from Tokyo.


Please read carefully the Invitation and Registration for APMP 2022 to know more information and requirements.


Among others, I’d like to draw your special attention to the following matters:


  • All TC/DEC/FG/PTWG meetings and workshops will be convened by the corresponding chairs, and the Secretariat will NOT send invitations or make registration arrangements for those meetings.


  • Submission of annual TC/DEC/FG/PTWG reports is due by 15 November 2022.

This year, we suggest you upload your report to the Google drive file box indicated in the Invitation. If not possible, you certainly can send your report to the Secretariat via email.


  • A draft Agenda of GA 2022 is attached for your review. [IMPORTANT TO TC CHAIRS] Given the time shortage of online meetings, the Secretariat has been making efforts to save time while maintaining report integrity for the GA. Nevertheless, the current GA time doesn’t allow oral reporting of all committees. With consideration that GA is more targeted at NMI Directors and that TC reports are essentially on CIPM MRA matters, we kindly suggest cancelling the oral reports of TC chairs at this GA and taking them as read. Cross-TC issues are recommended to be integrated into the Lead TC Chairs’ report. Full TC reports will be made orally at the EC-CC meetings. I do appreciate TC Chairs’ understanding.


Should you have any comment or inquiry, please don’t hesitate to contact the APMP Secretariat at


We thank you very much for your support and we look forward to seeing you!

For detailed information, kindly please refer to APMP 2022 Invitation and Registration.

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