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TCAUV 2012 Wellington

Meeting documents

2012-02 AGENDA FOR 12th TCAUV MEETING 2012-03 Minutes for the 11th TCAUV Meeting 2012-04 Chairperson Report on TCAUV Activities.pdf 2012-05.1 Draft Report of the 8th CCAUV Meeting 2012-05.2 Summary Report of the 8th CCAUV Meeting (NMIA) 2012-05.3 Proposal for Low-frequency Vibration Key Comparison CCAUV.V-K3 (NIM) 2012-06.1 Report on APMP.AUV.A-S1 2012-06.2 KCWG Comments on APMP.AUV.A-S1 2012-06.3 Reply to KCWG Comments on APMP.AUV.V-S1 2012-06.4 Draft B Report of APMP.AUV.V-S1 2012-06.5 Progress of APMP.AUV.V-K1.1 for TCAUV 2012-07.1 Lab Report1 of NMIA 2012-07.10 Lab Report of NPLI 2012-07.11 Lab Report of NMIJ 2012-07.12 Lab Report of NMIJ (acoustics & ultrasonics) 2012-07.13 Lab Report of NMIJ (vibration) 2012-07.14 Lab Report of CMS 2012-07.15 Lab Report of KRISS 2012-07.2 Lab Report2 of NMIA 2012-07.3 Lab Report of NMC 2012-07.4 Lab Report of NMISA 2012-07.5 Lab Report of KIM-LIPI 2012-07.6 Lab Report of KRISS 2012-07.7 Lab Report1 of NIMT 2012-07.8 Lab Report2 of NIMT 2012-07.9 Lab Report of NIM 2012-08.1 CMC Submission of NIMT 2012-08.2 Intra-RMO Review Report of NIMT 2012-08.3 Inter-RMO Review Report by COOMET 2012-08.4 Inter-RMO Review Report by AFRIMET 2012-08.5 Inter-RMO Review Report by EURAMET 2012-08.6 APMP.AUV.10.2012 Thiland 2012-08.7 Inter-RMO Review Report_for_SIM.AUV.2.2012 APMP 2012-09.1 APMP GUIDELINES FOR ACCEPTING A QUALITY SYSTEM 2012-09.2 Technical Peer Approval Format 2012-09.3 APMP CMC Process Overview 2012-11.1 TECHNICAL PROTOCOL FOR BILATERAL COMPARISON1 2012-11.2 TECHNICAL PROTOCOL FOR BILATERAL COMPARISON2 2012-11.3 TC initiative report 2012 2012-12.1 TC Initiative-2013-01-TCAUV 2012-12.2 TC Initiative-2013-02-TCAUV 2012-12.3 TC Initiative-2013-03-TCAUV 2012-14.1 Introduction of APMP 2013.pdf 2012-15.1 ISO TC 108 Feedback to APMP_2012 2012-15.2 Report to the TCAUV 2012 on BIPM-WS and MAPAN Special Issue.pdf 2012-15.3 IEC TC 87 report 2012-16 Draft Minutes for the 12th TCAUV Meeting.pdf

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