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TCL 2016 Da Nang

Meeting documents

(16-5.1) APMP_TCL_Review_Board_20161109 Resolution of TCL meeting (2016 Da Nang) [16-1.2] APMP2016 TCL Meeting Agenda V1.3 (20161202) [16-1.3] Minutes of the last meeting [16-1.4] Checking the actions of the resolution of last TCL meeting [16-1.5] Appointment of Rapporteur and Resolution Drafter [16-1.6] APMP_TCL_Contact_List [16-2.1] TCL Overview [16-2.2] TCL Workshop Summary Report [16-2.3] Highlights from CCL WG meetings [16-2.4] Report from TCTF-TCL JWG on Optical Frequency at TCL 2016 11 14 [16-2.5] PTB MEDEA Project Report_NMIJ [16-2.6] DEC Issue [16-3.10] APMP.L-S7 (Step Height) [16-3.11] APMP.L-S8 [16-3.12] EDM intercomparison [16-3.14a] CCL KC planning file [16-3.14b) APMP KC planning file [16-3.14c] Final Report EUROMET.L-S14 (Steel tapes) [16-3.14d] Thread Gauges Comparison [16-3.14] Future comparisons [16-3.1] APMP.L-K3.2014(Angle)_J.Y.Lee [16-3.2] APMP.L-K5.2006.1 Status Report_NMIJ [16-3.4] APMP.L-K5.2014(Step Gauge)_J.Y.Lee [16-3.5] APMP.L-K7.2014(Line Scale)_J.Y.Lee [16-3.6-a] CCL KC_SC reporting time table [16-3.6b] Foil and coating thickness measurement [16-3.6c] TCI Proposal_TCL-TCMM_foil film thickness [16-3.6] APMP.L-S5 [16-3.7] CCL-K11 (laser frequency) [16-3.9] APMP.L-S6 [16-4.1] DSS Lab Report [16-4.2] NIMT LAB Report [16-4.3] RCM LIPI LAB Report [16-4.4] NIM LAB Report [16-4.5] Lab Status Report of SCL [16-4.6] MSL LAB Report [16-4.7] KRISS LAB Report [16-4.8] CMS-ITRI LAB Report [16-4.9] RIEM-NMIJ [16-5.2] MRA Documents List TCL [16-5.3a] Basic_CMC_Template [16-5.3b] DimVIM [16-5.3c] APMP_QS1 [16-5.3] CMC submission and reviewing process [16-5.4] Corrective actions for KC_SC [16-5.5] Commercial calibration as bilateral comparison [16-5.6a] Recommendations-from-the-WG [16-5.6] MRA Review Workshop [16-6] Focus Areas and Focus Groups

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