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TCQM 2018 Singapore

Meeting documents

01 Update on TCQM Activities 02 CCQM Strategy and BIPM Activities 03 CCQM WG Activities- KCWG 04 CCQM WG Activities- EAWG 05 CCQM WG Activities- IAWG 06 CCQM WG Activities- OAWG 08 CCQM WG Activities- GAWG 09 CCQM WG Activities - IRWG 10 TCQM Workshops- Gas Workshop 11 TCQM Workshops- Method Validation 12 TCQM Workshops- APMP-APLAC Joint PT 13 TCQM Workshops- Strategic Task Group 14 On-going Comparisons- APMP. QM-S12 S14 S7.1 16 On-going Comparisons- APMP.QM-S10P31 Elements in food supplement 17 On-going Comparisons- APMP_QM_S11_& APLAC T106_Pesticides in ginseng root 19 On-going Comparisons- APMP.QM-P30 Elemental calibration solutions 20 On-going Comparisons - APMP.QM-P33 Cadmium in milk powder 21 On-going Comparisons - APMP QM P34 NIM BAP in oil coordinate lab 2 23 On-going Comparisons - APMP_QM_P36 Trace elements in river water 25 New Proposals- pH of Carbonate Buffer 26 New Proposals- PM2.5 impactor 27 New Proposals- APMP. QM-Sxx Fipronil-sulfone in Chicken Egg Powde 28 New Proposals- APMP S comparion proposal on zearalenone in maize-2 29 New Proposals- Proposed APMP SC_Inorganic arsenic and Elements in aquatic animals_v1.3 30 New Proposals- APMP2018_Proposal_Supplementary Comparison_Lipstick_HSA_v4 31 New Proposals- Chao Jingbo--Anions in seawater-NIM 33 APMP FG Reports - FSFG 34 APMP FG Reports - CCCA 35 APMP FG Reports - FGCW 36 future plans of TCQM 2018 (2) 37 CCQM KCWG requirement and schedule 38 APMP TCQM intra-review requirement and schedule 39 Update on MEDEA Training 40 GULFMET-TCQM activities 41 APMP 2019 Bid presentation Sign-in_Nov 26 Sign-in_Nov 27

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